BIG Mission

To enable professionals to easily, collaboratively and authentically engage smart, connected consumers on a large scale

Our Solution

Our vision

Digital transformation dissolves corporate firewalls between smart customers and smart employees. Social networks become the foundation of a global and productive conversation - the new pulse of our economy.

We base our work on four principles


We believe in autonomous small teams, high quality feedback and mutual respect as organizational patterns to achieve highest productivity (and fun). We aim to team up with our clients and partners as well to collaborate in the best possible setup. 


We are committed to contribute to our customers' business by delivering sophisticated software and tailored services that simply "nail it". We rely heavily on agile and lean approaches and take associated metrics very seriously. 


With focus on our mission we assess every aspect of our work in respect to it's capability to perform at large scale. 20% improvement is the worst enemy of "factor 10x" solutions.


We strive for high autonomy and individual mastery to foster innovation at every level. We value a culture of informed discussion and experimentation. We live up to our full potential due to excellent servant leadership (guidance instead of command & control).

Company History

Founded in 2002 by Prof. Dr. Peter Gentsch, BIG quickly established a strong track record in
web intelligence and CRM. Fully named "Business Intelligence Group", the team soon developed
close relationships to several blue chip clients. Putting the insights from many man years of
enterprise projects to good use, BIG started 2008 to develop tailored applications
for the enterprise sector, that finally lead to todays focus in Social Media Solutions.

Today's CEO Dr. Thomas Wilde joined in 2011 and accelerated BIG's trajectory
towards leading enterprise SaaS Social Media solutions, that more than five hundred users
in fifteen different countires rely on today.

With the acquisition by USU Software AG in 2012 began a new chapter of growth. Closely linked with
USU's knowledge management and portal solutions, BIG strives to provide viable building blocks to
the digital transformation of the enterprise IT landscape.