Stay ahead of your online competitors – with a BIG competitor analysis!

Do you want to optimise the market activities of your company and need support in the selection of relevant information?

Do you want to find out which factors affect the competition and which strategies result from that?

Are interested in discovering which weaknesses your competitors have - as well as your own?

The techniques of text mining and chronological data analysis are especially well suited to master your increasingly complex corporate environment as well as the exponentially growing amount of data and information.  It is necessary and possible to take all relevant – internal and external – sources into consideration in this process. These methods automatically explore internal and external sources of information and create, with a data warehouse, a database that can be capitalised with automated analysis and reporting functions.

Taking all these dimensions into consideration and recording all relevant data requires a comprehensive approach that includes all sources, bundles data and allows various types of evaluation.

For that, we have developed "BIG Competitive Intelligence" (BIG CI) on the basis of our social media monitoring BIG CONNECT.

Our approach is based on an ongoing screening with the goal of continuously identifying new, varied CI sources and integrating them in our comprehensive monitoring. The database created in this process is stored in warehouse and structured and condensed with data and text mining methods in order to provide the existing information in various, individually adjustable analyses and reports. They are need-based and custom-tailored to individual interest groups within your company.

BIG CI Competitive Intelligence ensures that all relevant data is taken into consideration and acquired systematically through the combination of business intelligence, semantic web and content intelligence technologies .

The data acquisition process is completely independent of the sources that are available. Numerous interfaces allow internal and external company sources as well as online and offline sources to be fed into the database.

Do you want to find out more about the Social Media Monitoring behind BIG CI Competitive Intelligence? You can find details on our BIG CONNECT here.