Community Management

Intelligent Social Media Insights with Social Media Community Management by BIG

General social media monitoring is not enough for you? You do not only want to know what is said about you and your products - but also by whom? You want to identify specific opinion leaders and understand their needs?

We have the solution for these demands: BIG CONNECT Community Edition. This social media monitoring tool is based on our social media monitoring solution - BIG CONNECT. It does not crawl the entire Internet, instead focussing on posts within the specific community that it is integrated into - the community that is important to you.

What could be perceived as a disadvantage at first glance – the amount of posts being somewhat lower compared to social media monitoring – is really a big plus. Because first of all you can be sure that you're only looking at posts from your target audience. Beyond that, the quality of the data is higher compared to general social media monitoring because the available posts are ammended with background information, such as the profile data of every individual user. These features give you the opportunity to perform specific analyses and adjust your approach to your target audience to reflect customer requirements very accurately.

But our BIG CONNECT Community Edition also offers attractive options for community operators and managers: On the one hand, cooperation with us gives you the chance to analyse your own platform and can support your ad marketing with new key figures. Beyond that you get a percentage of every cockpit sold which opens up a new source of income without endangering the data integrity of your users.

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