More quality of your service through customer insights – understanding your customers better with social media monitoring

What problems are your customers dealing with?

What issues do they have?

And which products present them with the most challenges?

Good service does not only entail a customer contacting your company with a problem. It starts a lot sooner than that. Because a customer contacting your service department means that he or she is generally facing a problem that should not have occurred in the first place.

This is the first point where social media monitoring can help improve your service with BIG CONNECT. It shows you the topics your customers are communicating about on the web, it collects posts with questions and problems of your customers, and it reveals the weak points of your products. On the basis of this valuable information that you can generate through our social media monitoring, you have the opportunity to tailor your communications – like the FAQs on your website – to the problems of customers and cover many issues before they arise. Beyond that, the knowledge about the weak points of your products enables you to subject them to an ongoing improvement process and drastically reduce the number of future customer complaints.

Your customer service employees' awareness for frequent problems of your customers is also raised and the use of social media monitoring will give them a better sense how your customers communicate and what their requirements are. Ideally, you can adjust your services and communications according to customer requirements and make an even bigger contribution to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Which one of our products can bring the biggest benefit for your customer service?

BIG CONNECT provides an overview of all user knowledge in social media with intelligent social media monitoring.

With BIG CONNECT you enter a direct dialog with your customers via social media.

BIG CONNECT supplies you with reliable, individualised key figures and analyses based on our social media monitoring.