Expand your team – new experts for your company with social media monitoring

How can I find new employees beyond using normal job sites?

How can I get information about my applicants?

How can I find out which experts are able to deliver real additional value for my company?

As a human resource manager, you are looking for competent specialists to expand and enrich your team. They are pivotal elements for the provision and advancement of your company – and thus the most important resource that you can aquire.

Having to rely on the statements of applicants and your brief first impressions in the past, today's social web offers you comprehensive options to verify the qualifications of your applicants and also find capable candidates for your vacancies outside of the frequented job portals.

Social Media Monitoring not only facilitates the search for new co-workers - the opinions of potential applicants can be influenced using Social Media. Improve the image of your company significantly by adjusting your external appearance, your communications as well as your employment ads to ensure they appeal to the exact category of people you wish to recruit.

Which one of our products can help you do all this and more?

BIG CONNECT supports you with targeted social media monitoring in finding experts for specific subjects and learning how your target audience communicates on the net.

BIG CONNECT supplies you with reliable, individualised key figures and analyses based on our social media monitoring.