Innovation Management with BIG Social Media Monitoring

New innovations for your company for free? Say "yes" to Social Media Monitoring by BIG

How can I make my products even better?

Which features do my target audiences want?

Which demands can I cover with new, innovative products?

Which trends are developing in my industry?

As an innovation manager and product developer, you are constantly looking for product innovations and new services to expand your portfolio and enhance your market position as an innovative company. It is essential that your developments also satisfy the requirements of your (potential) customers; because the relevance of a new product is determined by the demand of your target audiences – a fundemental concept which is often neglected, reflected by the fact that nearly 70% of all newly launched products fail.

In the past, you could only counteract this rate of failure by using market research tools AFTER you had already brought the new products to market maturity – and even then the validity of the data was far from perfect. After all, any focus group is aware of the "laboratory setting", causing behavioral adjustments.

Consumers have started to exchange ideas about products

Social media has changed this paradigm in a fundamental way. Consumers have started to exchange their opinions about products in communities, forums and blogs, assessing them, revealing their defects and communicating about demands that were not met previously. Through this behaviour, new communication channels offer you invaluable potential to collect and understand the knowledge and demands of your target audience and make them your own – and devise new features and innovations based on these insights.

To facilitate this process, real time social media monitoring with BIG CONNECT is the right choice. It provides you with relevant posts from the entire web, sorts them according to subjects and relevance and provides you with valuable insights into the communication of your target audiences – hence giving you the upper hand when conceving or considering new products.

Which one of our products can support you in your everyday tasks?

BIG CONNECT Do you want to know what your target audience thinks of you? – Listen to them with our social media monitoring solution!

BIG CONNECT Community Cockpit focuses social media monitoring on a specific community and supplies you with deep customer insights into your target audiences.

BIG CONNECT supplies you with reliable, individualised key figures and analyses based on our social media monitoring.