Social Media Monitoring – Listening as a new form of online market research

How well are our products received by customers?

Is our target audience familar with the entire range of our products?

Do our customers have a demand for additional services that we are not offering yet?

As market researcher, you ask yourself these and other questions every day – and know how to find the answers relevant to your business. Whether it is online or offline, in a focus group or through individual interviews: Market research offers you numerous approaches to obtain information about your customers and target audiences.

But you still have a problem: The results you generate are never fully exempt from outside influences. On the one hand, your data-sets are limited to people willing to participate in a survey; on the other hand, the participants are aware of the laboratory setting they are in, causing distortion effects. This is reason enough to consider new approaches and refine your results through social media monitoring with our BIG CONNECT.

According to AGOF, about 89 percent of the purchase-relevant target audience (aged 14 to 49) is online every day; one in two has already refrained from making a purchase based on negative evaluations on the net. If you know about these evaluations, you are to able to make exploit invaluable knowledge with which you can enrich and deepen the results of the traditional survey methods.

With the help of social media monitoring, you are able to identify innovative ideas, trends or new customer requirements early on and gain insights into the motives of consumers – fully free from survey-biases. Monitoring consequently and actively supports you in innovation and trend management, but also in answering any questions related to marketing and communications.

Are you interested? – The following products are especially relevant for your business:

BIG CONNECT provides an overview of all user knowledge in social media with intelligent social media monitoring.

BIG CONNECT focuses social media monitoring on a specific community and supplies you with deep customer insights into your target audiences.

BIG CONNECT supplies you with reliable, individualised key figures and analyses based on our social media monitoring.