Valuable Customer Insights for Planning and evaluating your marketing campaigns

How do my customers communicate about my brand?

What moves my target audiences?

What is the response to my advertising campaigns?

How do I address my customers in a language they understand?

As a marketing manager, you are faced with these and a variety of other problems every day. The answers have a considerable influence on the success or failure of your business. If you do not pay attention to the sentiment and preferences of your target audiences, you run the danger of creating campaigns which are destined to fail, thus endagering your companies' profits.

Dealing with these issues has never been as easy as today.

Social media monitoring is the key to understanding your target audiences. Every day, millions of consumers communicate on the web, discussing and evaluating products, services, campaigns and brands; revealing their opinions. The consequence is an abundance of comprehensive "user knowledge" that you can benefit from.

This is where social media monitoring with BIG SCREEN comes in to play. Collecting and structuring users opinions from various sources makes listening to your target audience easy. You get important customer insights in real time and get to know your target audience intimately through the analysis of unadulterated communication in the web. You can find out what needs they have and which language they speak – and can tailor your campaigns accordingly.

But how successful was your campaign - really?

This question is also answered easliy with the data from BIG CONNECT. Collected data supports you in the evaluation of your communications and campaigns, providing analyses for your brand positioning. Now can you measure the success of your activities in real time and constantly adjust and improve them with that information.

With which products can we specifically support you in your work as a marketing manager?

BIG CONNECT provides an overview of all user knowledge in social media with intelligent social media monitoring.

BIG CONNECT focuses social media monitoring on a specific community and supplies you with deep customer insights into your target groups.

BIG CONNECT supplies you with reliable, individualised key figures and analyses based on our social media monitoring.