Listening, talking and being understood – learn the language of your customers with the social media monitoring tool by BIG

Which language does my target audiences communicate in?

How do I have to word my press releases to ensure message is understood?

Which communication channels will have the largest impact?

Questions that are essential for your work in PR and answers that are invaluable to the success of your efforts. A comprehensive, unadulterated assessment of these problems was nearly impossible until the advent of social media. However, since your target audiences are now communicating on social media plattforms, this has become an issue of the past. Authentic opinions of your target audiences are now availible to you in real time. What's more – social media has become another communications channel that provides a direct link to your opinion leaders and stakeholders.

But as valuable as this new information and communication channel is for your work – it also harbors risks for your company. If you approach social media as you would approach a classical media channel, your voice will not be heard. As several cases have already shown, incorrect usage can even damage your reputation, as information spreads faster than you can react.

This makes understanding and correctly using social media one of the most important aspects of communicating effectively. This is exactly where social media monitoring with BIG CONNECT
can provide help. It collects relevant contents in the openly accessible web and delivers them to you in structured and pre-evaluated manner. You not only learn to understand online communications, but also get a well-founded basis for the design of your communication campaigns. You can communicate with gatekeepers and opinion leaders directly, thus recognising and influencing trends early. And – last but not least – you will get information on the effectiveness of your communication measures in real time, enabling you to intervene at any time, if performance is unsatisfactory.

The following products are especially relevant for your are of business:

BIG CONNECT provides an overview of all user knowledge in social media with intelligent social media monitoring.

BIG CONNECT helps you enter a direct dialog with your target audiences and opinion leaders via social media.

BIG CONNECT builds on our social media monitoring to provide you with comprehensive, individualized analyses and KPIs as the basis for your decisions.