Social Media Monitoring for Sales

Understand your customers in ways you never thought possible – gain new insights with social media monitoring

What do my customers expect from my products? Which sales angles have the biggest potential for success with my target audience? What are people saying about my competitors?

As a sales employee, you need to know what your customers want and fulfill these wishes before they can voice them. The goal is to do this better than your competitors. The only way to find out if you're meeting this challenge, is to keep an eye on them. Otherwise you might make the wrong strategic decision or offer your customers an outdated product.

Perfect customer care and easily convincing potential customers to opt for your product or service requires you to understand your target audiences. This is where social media monitoring comes in. It provides unadulterated opinions and posts from the Web 2.0 about your company and your products in real time – and lets you know what your competitors are doing. In depth insights into the needs of your target audience allow you to check your product range and adjust it accordingly, meeting the demands of current as well as potential customers. Beyond that, you are able to develop a feeling for the way your customers communicate and can adjust your own communication accordingly. If you manage to adapt your sales activities and win over opinion leaders, people will hear about it through social media, ensuring a steady stream of customers in the future.

The following products can be especially helpful to you:

BIG CONNECT provides an overview of all user knowledge in social media with intelligent social media monitoring.

With BIG CONNECT you enter into a direct dialog with your customers via social media.

BIG CONNECT builds on our social media monitoring to provide you with comprehensive, individualized analyses as the basis for your marketing decisions.